Dura Ace 10-Pitch Pista Group


Dura Ace 10-Pitch Pista Group

Alan from Cycling WMD just posted this zinger. This may look like a normal Dura Ace track group, but look closely; it’s entirely Dura Ace 10-Pitch. Not sure what Alan is planning on doing with it seeing as how his Nagasawa already has a 10-Pitch drivetrain, so maybe he’s got something else in the works? I swear man, if you put this on a tall-bike, I’m going to shave your mustache off.

There’s one more rare find he posted, check it out below.

Yes. That’s a NOS headset from the 10-Pitch Pista group, with the proprietary wrenches. Damn Alan. You’re a bike porn magnet!

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