DK Shop: Seoul Got Soul – Save the Bike Lane


DK Shop: Seoul Got Soul – Save the Bike Lane

Remember that teaser I posted a while back? Well DK Shop has just posted the full video for their Save the Bike Lane project:

“Seoul is not covered up with enough bike lanes compare to the size of the city, so the main purpose of this project is to create bike lanes on the road as a propaganda against Seoul city.

Seoul has been investing huge budget in its bike lane project since 1990s. The initial intention of the project itself was seemed promising. However, the city mistakenly did not consider diverse traffic conditions in each region. The bike lanes eventually caused traffic congestions, and turned out a massive parking space.

The already existing bike lanes along the sidewalks has been dominated by pedestrians and even trees for a long time. You will realize that there won’t be any big change even if filing civil complaints. The yellow line on the left side of the logo means protection, so you can see it as we are here to save the bike lanes.
No cars are allowed.

One more Bike, One less Car”

DK Shop