Colnago Master X-Lite Build at Mellow Johnny’s


Colnago Master X-Lite Build at Mellow Johnny’s


Yeah, I know, here’s another example of the “bike in the work stand tells a lot about the shop”. When I was at Mellow Johnny’s taking my Shop Visit photos, my friend Emily showed me behind the scenes where Mellows keeps their top mechanics chained to the work stand building exquisite bicycles. Up in the stand was this Molteni Colnago Master X-Lite and I got to take a few quick detailed photos of it.

There are a few more photos below, so read on.


Colnago still makes this bike by hand in Italy, after 20 years.


The details are clean and precise. Especially for a production frame.


I got rushed out of the lair of the mechanics before I could swap lenses to take an over-all shot. The space was so tight and the mechanic working on the bike was so dialed into assemblage that I didn’t wanna delay him anymore. When I was pulling together my Shop Visit post, I totally blanked on these photos. I’m glad I found them!

The Colnago Master X Lites are available through Colnago dealers world wide.

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