Clash of the Titans & Bikes are Bikes


Clash of the Titans & Bikes are Bikes

Tom and Wonka were going head to head yesterday. Those two ramp off each other’s progress. It’s quite the site.

Takuya was there, shooting for the new LOOP magazine and these were some out-takes. Either with visible flash or overexposure. Really great images!

Yesterday was a blast. I’m still on a natural high from it. Almost all my good friends were there, including some new friends. Edwin Delarosa came through and was riding Tom’s Scissor. To hear him say “bikes are bikes, the shit you guys do looks fun” really made my day. That’s the kind of energy we need in this sport. Bikes are bikes. All kinds of bikes make things interesting. It pushes the sport and as you can see, Tom has skills regardless to what he’s riding.

Check out a nice commentary by Luke at the Empire blog.