Chater-Lea Road Clearer Bicycle Whistle


Chater-Lea Road Clearer Bicycle Whistle

We all love our Spurcycle bells but wayyyy back when, cyclists used to ride with whistles to clear the road. J Hudson & Co. have been making specialist whistles in England for over 150 years. The ACME siren began life as the ‘Cyclists Road Clearer’ in the 1880s.

Chater-Lea is delighted to have joined forces with J Hudson & Co. to create the ‘Chater-Lea Road Clearer’ for £39.00.

This unique whistle combines the peerless ACME siren with a beautifully machined solid brass case designed and manufactured by Chater-Lea here in the UK. The brass case directs the sound and adds character as a unique patina develops over the years!

If you love throwbacks and are looking for an interesting holiday gift for a loved one, then be sure to consider this! See more (including an audio file) at Chater-Lea.