Ch Ch Ch Ch Cherry Canyon

On my last day in Los Angeles, Sean from Team Dream and I sat in his living room, listening to the rain dump outside. Normally, a little rain doesn’t bother me, but this was torrential. You’ve heard the expression “raining cats and dogs”, right? Well this was all cats. Their claws hitting the tin awning outside Sean’s guestroom as visibility dropped to inches and the trees swayed in the wind. Dogs wouldn’t cause this much damage. It fell and fell and fell.

Los Angeles needs it.

So we sat, waited, talked about how all the trees in South Pasadena aren’t native, so their root balls are too weak to grab hold of the saturated ground. “They’ll eventually topple over if it keeps up like this.” Discussions about wether or not to move his car happened and were quickly skipped over.

It had been an awesome trip. Good food, good booze, great riding and I had taken some of my favorite ride photos of the year the night before in the Verdugos. My bike was sated, but I wanted one more ride, especially if it was going to be muddy.

Sean recommended Cherry Canyon. It drains fast and has a lot of trails packed into its relatively small footprint – for an urban park, anyway. There were views for days and plenty of bonus features. The ride out was sure to be wet, as most of the foot trails double as drainage ditches, but we didn’t care.

We had just enough time for a few runs and made it back in time to go visit Yanco… Check out some of Sean’s photos at Team Dream.

Tools of the trade:
Yashica T4
Portra 160