Burning the Wax from the Feathers


Burning the Wax from the Feathers


I’m sure you’ve noticed a lack of posts these past two days. Well, I’m up in the Boston area starting on a project that I’ve been working on since November of last year. While I’m up here, I swung through Geekhouse, Arc en Ciel and Icarus to say hey and shoot some photos.

Check out more below!


It was also time for Ian and I do begin designing my custom track frame. We talked about bicycle fit, the bike’s intended use, angles and overall design of the frame. Columbus MAX was my choice for tubeset (that’s a chainstay next to a bottom bracket shell). Ian already had some incredible ideas for detailing and I was dumbfounded when he showed me a few sketches. This bike will also use the new Icarus track ends, which I’m stoked about.


Since I’m on my little travel laptop, these are just screen grabs of my raw photos; no post-processing so apologies if they’re a bit dark. Expect a full post and coverage from my Shop Visits when I’m back in Austin.