Brooklyn Machine Works Adidas Consortium: First Impression


Brooklyn Machine Works Adidas Consortium: First Impression

Ever since I saw the samples of these shoes last summer, I’ve been anxiously-awaiting a pair. Having a bit of a Merckx fetish, I recognized the colorway almost immediately and knowing that I have this Merckx fetish, Joe from Brooklyn Machine Works promised me a promo pair. He assured me that they’d be in shortly and hopefully, in time for a Merckx Mondays post. Well, they were delivered late yesterday afternoon and there wasn’t enough time to put them up.

Today I swung by BMW to see the crew and pick up my pair. I gotta admit, I was a bit nervous seeing them. There’s a lot of cycling history behind all three names involved and the shoes have a lot to live up to. Eddy Merckx’s Adidas shoes are a thing of beauty and in all honesty, I’m pretty stoked on how these came out.

Check out more photos and a continuation of my first impression below:

The silhoutte has changed from the early Adidas cycling shoes but that’s a good thing. Adidas’ Consortium line is their new high-end sneaker collection aimed at smaller runs and yes, limited availability. Don’t fret, these will be a public-release and you’ll have a chance to pick them up.

Bearing much resemblance to Sambas in their profile, the BMW Consortiums fit perfectly into toe clips. The leather upper and nylon toebox are an ideal combination for summer weather.

Unlike the Adidas skateboarding shoes, which I’ve tried to ride in, these are fairly slim and steamlined without compromising padding or cushioning.

The heel is well constructed and the soles are great on pedals.

One of the nicest, most subtle details are the supergraphics on the sides of the shoes. Activated only by flash, the text reads Brooklyn across the sides. It’s so subtle that you hardly notice it in normal light conditions. With the colorway, you’d think the 3M accent would be too much, but I think it’s just right.

Also, Joe from BMW told me that you can expect a black and silver colorway if the vintage throwback is too much for you.

The interior-lacing is a new feature in the Consortium model.

It gives you the option of displaying the BMW logo by running the laces through the tongue.

Or you can lace them traditionally, as shown.

First impressions are a huge factor with cycling products. From the early anticipation to the moment they were in my hands, I can say with confidence that the Brooklyn Machine Works Adidas Consortium are a great shoe, both on and off the bike. If you’ve been a fan of Sambas and other Adidas shoes, then you know the quality of sneaker they offer. I’ll put some more miles on them and post a review shortly. For now, I hope this detailed look gave you something to look forward to!

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