Brent’s Fat Chance Chris Cross Makes Him Jump, Jump

It’s hard not to make that reference on a bike called the Chris Cross. Back when Fat Chance began, I doubt Chris Chance would have foreseen the future, or at least where and how people would be riding these bikes that are a mix of ‘cross and road bikes yet here we are. Brent bought a Chris Cross with the “Team Fade” finish and matching stem to be his all-rounder bike in SoCal and on a recent outing to Los Angeles, I was able to shoot this damn perfect bike.

The build kit is made up of reliable, tried and true components with Shimano and White Industries making up the bulk, yet the Tune post throws something different in the mix. The dust from the Verdugo mountains accents the paint designed by our friend RJ Rabe.

These bikes are built by Co-Motion, under the Fat Chance label, so you can expect the highest quality welds and construction. To see more information on the Chris Cross, head to Fat Chance.


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