Box Dog Bikes Was Broken Into


Box Dog Bikes Was Broken Into

San Francisco’s Box Dog Bikes was broken into yesterday and the thieves took a ton of Kona, Salsa, and All-City completes. For shops like Box Dog, this is a huge blow, as the thieves took almost all of their stock. If you live in the Bay Area, keep an eye out for the models, which are listed below. Head to Box Dog Bikes’ Instagram for more information.

48cm green Kona Rove NRB
50cm champagne Kona Rove NRBDL
54cm orange Salsa Vaya
49cm maroon Salsa Vaya
57cm turquoise Salsa Vaya
50cm black Salsa Marrakesh drop bar
Small khaki Salsa Marrakesh flat bar
56cm blue Kona Sutra
54cm maroon Kona Sutra
43cm cream All-City Spacehorse
46cm cream All-City Spacehorse
61cm cream All-City Spacehorse
55cm maroon All-City Spacehorse
58cm maroon All-City Spacehorse
49cm blue All-City Spacehorse