Bishop Bikes: Boosters and Mini V’s


Bishop Bikes: Boosters and Mini V’s

These are the types of posts I love seeing from Chris Bishop. I like to think of Chris’ work as detailed, with a purpose. While I’ve got nothing against builders who file down pedal cages and machine their own tail lamps, I really appreciate little nuances that make a bike function better, while adding a little aesthetic pulse of energy.

Chris cites Aaron Hayes from the late Courage Cycles as a precedent for this (something I wish the new jack builders would do – cite your sources), as an effort to stiffen up cantis and mini v’s. He even noticed an increase in stiffness while brazing this bridge booster in place.

See the mini v’s installed below.

Very nice indeed. Although personally, I would have thrown some Paul Mini Motos on there, but to each his own…