Bicycle Crumbs and North St Bags Hi-Vis Collection


Bicycle Crumbs and North St Bags Hi-Vis Collection

Bicycle Crumbs entered the cycling industry as an industry outsider, an observer, a consumer. An everyday cyclist. Now he works at Speedvagen, designing their products and helping run the show there, yet he continues to possess an interesting perspective on the ins and outs of cycling culture. He recently collaborated with Portland’s North Street bags on a non-fluoro Hi-Vis bicycle portage collection, using rainbow sequins and the Bicycle Crumbs signature Radar Print. This collection is a pre-order, running from now until September 26th. You can even us a code for 10% off during this presale, simply check out with code crumbs-crew2019. Head to North Street Bags to see the collection and specs below.

Pricing Specs signature:
Micro Pannier: $114.99
Davis Daypack: $144.99
Pittock Pouch: $29.99

Pricing Specs Rainbow:
Pioneer 12 (just the bag): $104.99
Pioneer 12 with a waist belt or handlebar kit: $117.98
Pioneer 12 with both waist belt and handlebar kit: $130.97
Pittock Pouch: $29.99