Beautiful Bicycle: The Stanridge Speed Cycles Highstreet


Beautiful Bicycle: The Stanridge Speed Cycles Highstreet


I remember the day when Adam from Stanridge Speed Cycles first emailed me in-progress photos of his new BB30 low-pro track machine. Further down the road, the name Highstreet stuck and now Adam’s sending this Beautiful Bicycle all over the United States to be ridden by some of the biggest names in the fixed and track scene. Unfortunately, I’m like 6″ taller than all of them. While this bike didn’t fit me I did spend some time behind the lens with it on a boiling hot Austin afternoon. Like a dog, we hung out in some shade in an east side alley.

Check out more photos of the Stanridge Speed Cycles Highstreet below!


This thing is a custom-made race machine.


With a loud super graphic running down the seat tube, it screams on the street!


The little I could pedal it around, I felt the increase in bottom-bracket stiffness due to the BB30.


With a buttery-smooth drivetrain, it rolled nicely. The clearances here are so track specific, it hurts!


I’m not sure what tire size was on the rear wheel but it was snug inside the cleave in the seat tube.


Adam chose the Paul Components track hubs to lace up his wheels with.


With the saddle slammed to the seat tube, you can see the saddle to bar drop on this low-pro. It’s got a slightly higher bottom bracket than my Merckx and the wheelbase is incredibly tight. Don’t be mistaken, this is a race machine!


Steel frame and a carbon fork.


And damn is this ever pretty!


I can’t wait to see photos of it in SF, LA and Portland!


Here you can see just how tight the wheelbase is and how much higher the bottom bracket shell rests on the frame.


A track bike just doesn’t look right in the dirt now does it? I wanna thank Adam from Stanridge for sending me the Highstreet to ride, even though I couldn’t. It’s on its way to LA now with a Viking sticker on the box and ready to be raced! Ya’ll take good care of her ya hear? Check out more photos over at my Flickr!