Beautiful Bicycle: My Fully Loaded Geekhouse Woodville


Beautiful Bicycle: My Fully Loaded Geekhouse Woodville



To ease my recent anxiety about this trip, I decided to pack my Geekhouse Woodville up with everything I’ll be bringing with me and riding it down to the Town Lake trails. I really just wanted to feel how she rode before I began to overhaul the bike tomorrow. As it sits there, is how I’ll be riding it, minus the clipless pedals of course. The addition of the Salsa Bell Laps, Sram XO and 12-36 cassette were the last changes I had to make. Everything’s dialed in and ready to roll!

Now I have to break it down and pack it up before Thursday morning. I arrive in Portland on the 18th, do a little project with Embrocation and roll out of town on the 22nd. From there, I’ve got till September 6th to make it to SF for my flight back to Austin. Wish me luck!