Banks Session with Kris from Locked Cog


Banks Session with Kris from Locked Cog

Today was the first time we went into Manhattan since Kris‘ arrival on Friday. Most of the day Saturday was spent hanging in the neighborhood and we had no reason to ride across the bridge (more on that later). After sleeping off some hangovers today, we went to the Brooklyn Banks; which are still open for some reason.

Check out more photos below.

Kris has those footplants down! After a few of these, he took a spill and got a nasty swellbow. It was a fun little session. We both hit some nice lines and enjoyed the banks by ourselves.

No, really. You’d think we were here at 6am, but we had the spot to ourselves today!

The layering and grittiness of the banks is one of the nicest things about the spot. On rainy days, the dirt, trash, sediment and urine all seem to come to the surface. Not the kind of ground you wanna get road rash on. Better get your tetanus shots! Weather permitting, we’re going to head into Manhattan and ride. Hopefully there will be a lil Locked Cog x PINP collabro edit from his trip out here.