Back in Brooklyn

I’m back in what I still like to consider my home turf and I’m still amazed that other “bloggers” in NYC have failed to cover this majestic neighborhood. While Williamsburg is the epitome of “hipsterdom” to the rest of the world, to me, it’s my old stomping grounds, filled with great shops, great textures and unique individuals.

Just 10 minutes after I arrived in the neighborhood, I was immersed in an environment like none other. The city changes and yet, it remains tactile and real, at least to me. Affinity Cycles evolves every time I visit New York and King Kog, just a mile away, had some familiar faces hanging out. These photos were real quick, taken in haste. I just wanted you to know I’m still alive. ;-)

Check out the Gallery by clicking the photo above and click here to open in a new tab (does anyone NEED this explanation?!)