Assos: 1976 Carbon Fiber Track Bike


Assos: 1976 Carbon Fiber Track Bike


If you guys are into high-tech roadwear then you’ve prolly heard of Assos. Their clothing has been synonymous with cycling for decades and everything from their drillium saddles to their bib shorts is well worth the pretty penny. Velo News has an awesome gallery up from their visit to the Assos showroom in Lugano where this 1976 carbon track bike is up on display. Here’s the back-story:

The frame was well ahead of its time. While the Exxon Graphtek debuted in the U.S. in 1975, Maier’s bike used a different construction method and was radical in its use of aero-section frame tubes and a handlebar mounted to the fork crown.

So nice! Check out more here!