ASMAWA: Patrick Seabase in Eritrea


ASMAWA: Patrick Seabase in Eritrea

Patrick Seabase has bombed some iconic mountains before on his brakeless track bike, but his newest video features a place that I had never heard of before:

“Do you know of Eritrea? If so you’re quite an exception. Most people have never heard of it, let alone know where to find it on the world map. So why then would an inadvertent figurehead of the global fixed gear scene travel there? Two reasons apply to Patrick Seabase. Firstly, Eritrea is a mountainous country with some spectacular roads. Secondly, it has a rich cycling tradition that is as yet mainly undiscovered.

ASMAWA is not just a film about “Euro-boy” riding brakeless down a mountain road in Africa. It is more the story of a pure-hearted athlete who discovers a new world – not least within himself.”

I like the back-story and talking heads in the trailer but I wanna see some climbing in this one. Can’t wait to watch the whole video.