Ask Prolly: Would You Ever Pay for Bike Parking?


Ask Prolly: Would You Ever Pay for Bike Parking?


Parking your bike in NYC can be a pain in the ass. In the last few weeks I’ve had my saddle bag raided, my Hold Fasts stolen and even had someone try to steal my front wheel while it was locked to my bike! With all the thievery going on, a lot of people ask me if I would ever pay for bike parking in NYC. It’s a weighted question. A lot of the rates that are advertised in parking garages around midtown are way too high but when I came across this sign in the East Village yesterday I considered, for the first time, using bike parking.

I said considered. Personally, I just don’t lock my nice bikes up in the city and if I do, I lock it with a few locks. But that doesn’t stop people from ganking your saddle, bars or even toe straps. I guess there’s no real answer to this question but if I worked at an office that didn’t allow me to bring my bike up, I’d totally lock it up in a secure location for $1 a day. That’s less than a cup of coffee for peace of mind.