A Day in 10 Photos: 12.21.2010


A Day in 10 Photos: 12.21.2010


Warning: there isn’t a single photo of a bike in this post. If you’re ok with that, check out nine more photos below.


I’m back home with my parents in NC for the holidays and since we live on the coast, everything revolves around the ocean. My dad and his fishing buddies go about 30 miles out fishing for black bass and other local fish. About a year ago, while they were in their favorite spot, my dad brought his anchor up to find a fossilized shark’s tooth stuck in it. Later, his friend dove down and brought up a bunch of teeth. This is one of the bigger ones.


… and this is a smaller one, still with serrations.


The Christmas tree bokeh at a larger scale.


A detail of the wormy maple coffee table I made for my mom.


Later in the day, my dad rolled up with 30 black bass he and his fishing buddies caught. You won’t see this fish anywhere in the country because it’s closed to commercial fishing everywhere but south of Hatteras. I’ve looked for it everywhere. It’s one of the best saltwater fish you can eat.


Large heads, stout bodies and delicious meat.


Here’s my dad’s catch.


These really are gorgeous fish. Can’t wait to eat some tonight.


And my dad, holding two of the larger fish up by their eyes. He used to hold me like this when I was a baby too. It’s a southern thing I guess. I’ve got a few more photos up on my Flickr so check them out.