A Day in 10 Photos: 07.15.2010


A Day in 10 Photos: 07.15.2010

Traveling with your bike can sometimes be a royal pain in the ass. The day before I left to come to LA, I flat-spotted a rim, casing it on a ledge, cracked a bolt in my stem in half, rendering it useless and found out that after a long life, my bottom bracket spindle was shot. Knowing that I was flying to LA for the Summer Fix event, I packed up my bruised Bruiser and hoped for the best.

Check out more photos below!

After tarcking down a new spindle (heh), I got George from LA Brakeless to rebuild me a new wheel.

Since my bike was out of commission, I stole a car and drove over to Orange 20 to pick up a new spindle. Driving in LA sucks. It is the single reason why I first hated LA. Some of the architecture is nice, even if it’s from the passenger seat of a car.

Seeing dudes ride by on their bikes made me jealous as hell. The weather is amazing! The fact that you guys don’t get seasons here is ridiculous. I’d love to see you make it through a NYC winter!

Then I saw Kyle’s new haircut and I felt a little bit better about mine.

Just kidding buddy. Thanks for the bottles!

Once I had all my parts, I headed back over to LAB and put my bike together. Here’s Lil Josh working on his bike outside in the stand. Josh is a rad kid who’s got moves for days. Super clean hop bars and gnarly 3-tap halfcabs. Watch for him on Saturday!

This kid’s dad made him some custom chromoly bars. Sorry dude, I forgot your name (leave it in the comments if you see this).

Inside the shop, Mr. Mike Dinh was building up his new Yo Mang! frame. He’s the first kid in LA with a Grime frame.

Which was hand-delivered by none other than…

I wish I had a laptop that could edit photos. All I can offer while on vacation are photos straight from the card, which isn’t so bad after all. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be rolling with the locals from LAB. Wanna link up? Be at LAB tomorrow at 11!