A Day in 10 Photos: 04.23.2011


A Day in 10 Photos: 04.23.2011


Yesterday was my birthday. I’m now 30 years old and I still love to get out on my fixed freestyle with my homies. Hanging out with Puckett and AJ was exactly how I wanted to spend my day and we hit up my favorite spot in Austin: 5-hip.

Check out nine more photos below!


It was a hot one yesterday but luckily there was a nice breeze blowing through the ditch to keep us somewhat cool.


AJ had been trying to pedal grind this sub box for some time and yesterday he put in work. I ended up getting two sequences of him either clipping the coping or just eating shit. This bail shot’s the best of the bunch!


Soon enough though, he had them dialed.


Meanwhile, Puckett was working on his suicide skids.




The rest of the afternoon, AJ was working on table tops. He’s still trying to flatten out but getting that rear wheel tucked up is no easy task.


Back towards the front of the ditch is this wallride spot. I was pulling up onto it time after time. Finally getting wallrides down has been a challenge for me. But at spots like this, it just feels natural.


Since we were all hot and dehydrated, we picked up some coconut water, huge bottles of water and headed to Barton Springs to cool off. For you NY’rs, imagine if Central or McCarren park had a natural spring running through it. Or you SF’rs, imagine if Dolores Park was like this. It’s something else!


From there, we met up with Lauren and Serena and went to Polvos for some margaritas and dinner. It was a beautiful day and dinner with friends was the perfect way to end my birthday! I took a ton of photos, many of which are all freestyle-related, so check them out at my Flickr! Thanks to all my friends who hung out this weekend!