3 Different Approaches


3 Different Approaches


This weekend I spent a lot of time with James Newman, from Macaframa and Mash fame. We rapped a bit about the various approaches to fixed gears and track bikes and it’s great hearing multiple perspectives on everything that’s going on now.

I can really appreciate his style of riding and the thoughtfulness and finesse of his particular approach. He also said a few times that the NYC and East coast riding associated with Bootleg Sessions and future project, Empire definitely has evolved from the terrain. I’m not saying he’d ride a Brooklyn Machine Works if he lived here, but it’s a valid point that we all ride bikes that are suited to our particular style of riding. For him, steeper track angles make for easier skids and for me, a more relaxed compact geometry is ideal for tricks.

All in all, this weekend can be summarized up by the picture above; a classic steel track bike, a modern aluminum bike and a cross-over fixed gear trick bike. We all rode this weekend and we all had a blast. Thanks for coming out to NYC James!