Recycling Plastic: Giro and Bontrager’s New Enviro-Friendly Gear Apr 16, 2019

Bontrager’s new Bat Cage rose like a phoenix from fishing nets in Chile and Giro’s Renew line recycles fishing nets and nylon.

Responsible recycling doesn’t just mean washing out your plastic containers before chucking them in the bin. Brands have looked at the world’s abundance of plastic, particularly sea plastic to make everything from apparel to bottle cages. Two brands taking the charge are Bontrager with their Bat Cage and Giro with their new Renew apparel line, using recycled plastic fishing nets to weave in recycled nylon, polyester, and elastane, including Econyl® Lycra® made from reclaimed fishing nets and other ocean debris.

Yes, this is responsible, and yes it is marketing, but I commend these two brands on making a difference. Check out more images below.

Bat Cage Process

Renew Apparel Life Cycle