Chromag Unleashes the Doctahawk 27.5+” / 29″ 180mm Hardtail Feb 11, 2019

I think they nailed the opening text from the new Doctakawk page when they say “Longer, lower, slacker, faster, stronger, slacker, etc etc, did we say slacker?” The new Chromag Doctahawk is a 27.5+ or 29’r mountain bike with 180mm of front travel, a 62º head angle, and a 77º seat tube angle, making it a veritable shreddy hardtail! While it looks bonkers at the side profile, I hope to one day throw my leg over this monster! See more at Chromag.

What say you, Bicycle Pubes?

  • Jared Jerome

    That’s quite something.

  • Loudass, Esq.

    Mr. Watson: Could you please unblock boomforreal just for this comments section?

    • He called Cam a roadie. That’s a cereal offense.

      • Skyler

        Boomforreal’s comment thread calling Cam Falconer were clearly idiotic – beyond absurd – but I kind of miss his rants, even if I disagreed with a lot of them. Not everyone needs to agree, or be positive about everything.

        I think there have been a few unethical efforts to weaponize “positivity” on the Radavist. If someone is pointing out a legitimate opinion or critique and they’re being responded to with “hey, we’re trying to keep it positive here”, their points are being complete dismissed. It’s basically gaslighting.

        Boomforreal had terrible delivery, and usually invited pointless disagreement thanks to that bad delivery. But I don’t know if any of it was really enough to justify banning him, in my eyes. That’s just weaponizing “positivity”. I’m sure Cam Falconer didn’t lose any sleep over his comments.

        • We’re in a world where we need tactful discourse. That is far from “weaponizing positivity.” I don’t care if you don’t agree, or don’t like, or don’t whatever, just be polite in your delivery. I don’t think that is too much to ask. I don’t want this site becoming a comment cesspool like so much of other bike media. It’s not welcoming and won’t grow community. We don’t all have to hold hands and frolic through the forest or the desert or whatever, but I’d like people to be respectful.

          I find your statements to be borderline over-reactionary, but you’re allowed your opinions. Nothing “unethical” has gone on here. I’m 1000000% transparent with the site’s operations.

          And yeah, Cam didn’t lose sleep. I was just joking about that… hence the South Park Al Gore “cereal” reference. ;-)

          • Skyler

            Fair point about your mission to build community. That’s an effort I can certainly get behind.

          • Sorry to spell it all out there and it’s hard to walk the line between being defensive and being constructive – I am always trying to be a better human – I just had to reply in detail so there was no confusion. xoxo

          • Skyler

            Sorry, I posted before finishing. Added a bit above to clarify what about Boomforreal felt like it was valuable to me. Certainly a lot of it was straight up annoying trolling.

          • I gotcha and I’m always conflicted about the positivity / marketing line. Maybe that can be rectified by posting more critical reviews? I’m not an overly critical person when it comes to how a product functions. I don’t seek out flaws. That’s my personality. Perhaps I could work on that or hire someone who is by nature more critical of products. Either way, I don’t think name-calling, trolling, and slander is the right road though. It’s a slippery slope.

            His commentary – and other’s – on proof-reading did make me try to tighten up ship.

    • Scott Felter

      Hahahaha…I second this. Petition for one last boomforreal rant?

    • Nat Whittingham

      Ooooooh what post did he finally get banned for?

    • earle.b


  • Not long back if a bike shaped like that was seen, it was normally because it was broken due to to a too a heavy landing. :D

    BTW – BP’s instagram is the best worst account I’ve ever come across. Now following.

  • Rob X

    Did they hire Ultra Romance as a bike designer?

  • Harry

    Looking at this bike is one of the few times Ive really wanted toe-overlap

  • Johnny Rhubarb

    well, you won’t have any issues with toe overlap. nice color too!

  • Nicholas Petersen

    I did a triple-take and still can’t believe its real.

  • lol at the thudbuster they decided to put on this thing.

    lol at the “oh shit two bottles fit on the DT i guess lets do that”

    lols all around. still want to ride one. will just have to turn the stem around so i can reaches the bars.

  • AdamBike99

    “Docta, my hawk is all outtawack!” Fortunately, the good docta delivered a handsome baby blue boy.

  • Ted Barbeau

    I scored a Crust Shred Eagle prototype with nearly identical geometry. At the time I had an odd list of criteria for my next build, the most important being a short seat tube as I’m only 5’8″ but a ridiculously long ETT to accommodate my comically long arms. I also wanted slider/rocker dropouts to run SS. I was all set to go custom but then this came on to my radar and I decided to give it a whirl.

    It is an absolute blast to ride and feels so much more comfortable and capable when descending than anything else I’ve ever ridden. I relocated to the East Coast over the summer and was reintroduced to classic east coast tech. I really didn’t feel that the chopper’d out front end was a hindrance.

    I hope more brands test the limits of geometry rather than inundating the market with new axle standards.

    • Glad to hear you are enjoying the bike Ted.

  • Jason Rides Bikes

    I want to put an appropriate length rigid fork on it, because why not. 62*ha rigid bikepacker/cruiser, check

  • Brett LoPresti

    I feel like you need big toed clown shoes and a honky clown horn on the handlebars…While (important point) hitting maximum downhill speed as the snobs turn to “deer in head lights”. This would be epic. This needs to be filmed.

  • lyle driver

    Im pretty curious about the downtube butting on that thing..

    1)no gusset up front on a fork that long at such an angle of attack.

    2) They saw fit to give the bb only one weld to an FT tube..( the only reason i can think of for that is to use an existing top tube thats not long enough without the ST being even steeper)

    • It does look precarious for sure!

    • earle.b

      Strong guess they’ve added the needed beef to the tubes. They are at a point where they are getting their own tubes drawn. I know their TrueTemper stuff that they were getting drawn that were available to us home builders were beefier than any of TT’s similar options.

  • Davey Struthers

    Points for two dt bottle cages .because

  • Allan Varcoe

    I’m “MTB curious” AKA: I don’t know much about MTB’s but I would like to build an MTB frame one of these days. What is the advantage of such slack HTA? I’ve read stuff from PVD on the topic but all that tells me is that “I don’t know WTF I’m talking about and that I know NOTHING about bike geo.” (<–paraphrasing of course)

    Is there one, that is a bit more eloquent, that can actually explain such slack to me in a way that a Cyclocross/BMX/Hobby Framebuilder can understand? Keeping in mind that I do understand the basics of HTA and trail, albeit from my CX/BMX prospective.

    If there is a private way to conduct this discussion that people would prefer, so as not to muddy this post in case the discussion goes to shit, I'm welcoming to it.

    • Jon Rollason

      PVD is taking questions on this bike’s geometry in heavily downvoted comments on Pinkbike’s article about the Doctahawk. ;)

      I *think* you need to start very slack with the head angle because the effective head angle steepens as the fork compresses. Compressing 180mm of front suspension (with no rear wheel suspension) produces quite a significant change. So if you start at 62º it’s still manageable when the fork is bottomed out at the bottom of a Whistler rock slab.

      • Allan Varcoe

        Ok, that makes sense. You don’t RIDE the bike at 62º because of the compression under your own weight. Gotchya!

        Thank you for the laymans explination Jon!

  • Jon Rollason

    I have a Chromag Surface, which is easily the most glorious mountain bike I have ever owned. I am honestly tempted by this monster, although it may just be a weakness for colour-matched forks…