Wolf Tooth Components: Thru Axles and Trainer Caps


Wolf Tooth Components: Thru Axles and Trainer Caps

With thru axles an industry standard and most thread pitches have been established, Wolf Tooth felt it was time to throw their hat into the ring of axles but they added their own design twist.

“Knowing the pain of damaging their prized frames, they added end caps that would take the brunt of rock scrapes and crashes. And because to look good is to feel good, they decided to offer Axle Caps in eight anodized colors. Caps thread into a dedicated recess in the axle head and are easily replaceable or swappable with an 8mm hex key.

Because cold weather and short days are never far from a Minnesotan’s mind, they also created Trainer Caps to reduce barriers to winter workouts. Non-drive side Axle Caps are joined by drive-side plugs that can be installed or removed with ease to make the prospect of hopping on the trainer a little more bearable.”

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