Mattia from Legor Cicli Made this Beautiful Paganotti Classic Road – Kyle Kelley

Mattia from Legor Cicli Made this Beautiful Paganotti Classic Road
Photos and words by Kyle Kelley

I know you all of heard of Legor Cicli before, but I’m guessing you all haven’t heard of Paganotti. Well, Paganotti is the embodiment of all the Italian masters who taught Mattia Paganotti how to build. Gino Lissignoli, Pietro Serena, Tiziano Zullo, and Dario Pegoretti all played a very special role in the fabrication of this bike. Very few frame builders can say they’ve studied with a master, much less multiple masters. Even fewer can say they’re a direct link to their master’s style and craft, but this is something Mattia says with confidence. If you have ever rode one of Mattia’s bike you know he’s telling the truth.

So why Paganotti and not Legor Cicli? When your name is attached to a bike, there is no brand to hide behind. It signifies the blood, sweat, and tears that one put into the construction of that particular bike. It is the old way, the way it was done before all the Treks and Giants of the world. You knew who built your bike and you were proud to ride it! And this is why it is a Paganotti!

Mattia wanted to honor the old way and build an L’Eroica specific bike that the masters would be proud to see him on. The detail that went into this bike is just bananas! I don’t think there is one component on the bike that hasn’t been given the drillium treatment. There is a more obvious nod to Serena with the seatpost and lugs on the bike. Everything thing has been thought about on this bike, even down to the water bottle cage.

This was by far the most spectacular bike I saw at L’Eroica. Everything about it is just perfect. I couldn’t say that about any other bike there. I really hope you all enjoy checking it out as much as I did.


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  • Mattia – hopefully you’re reading this – I cannot believe how beautiful this bike is. Those scalloped seat stay caps, the drillium, the color, the single bottle cage. It’s amazing! Hope you’re well my friend!

  • Kurt Schneider

    That’s just beautiful.
    Well done, Kyle.

    • It’s not too often I like shooting bikes, especially on walls, but this DAMN bike is a looker!

      • Kurt Schneider

        You could have shot this in a dark basement, and it would still look as nice.

  • Beautiful amici.

  • nothingfuture


  • AngryBikeWrench

    Beautiful. Not many details tell such a great story as the scrapes on the bottom of the pedals.

  • Hell yeeeeaaaaa.

  • Richard

    Truly that is a beautiful frame, with classic, classic lines. That rear triangle! Those white accents on the lugs! The brazed-on cable guide at the BB! The chromed chainstay!

    However, isn’t it a bit sacrilegious to drill out that fine Campy groupset? (And does anyone else get nervous seeing those drilled-out calipers?) Is there a story behind that? It seems like a lot of effort, and loss of integrity (in several senses of the word) for a few grams…

  • Mad!