Hubert’s Madrean Dirt Tourer Prototype

While kicking around his shop one afternoon, I shot two of his recent builds, this one and Sarah Swallow’s Pinion gearbox dirt tourer. Expect that next week!

It doesn’t matter what you’re designing, the best products come from direct experience, and take more than one iteration to get right. This persistence is part of the process for Hubert from Madrean. He wants to design and develop a few production frames, to be made in house at his shop in Tucson. The first is this rigid mountain touring bike. Complete with internal routing for a dynamo hub, 1x clearance, front and rear bag support racks and if you ask nicely, maybe even a set of those bars, although that’s probably unlikely. Bars are a real pain to make!

Hubert coated the bike with a blackened steel treatment and some rattle can at a few key areas. He likes the Fabio’s Chest bags by Ultra Romance and Swift Industries and had a custom Rogue Panda bag made for the front triangle.

Bikes like this have such a presence in space. They command your attention and are full of details. I hope you enjoy viewing this as much as I did shooting it! Regarding price, availability and other details essential to purchasing, hold tight. We’ll post updates here as events warrant.


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29 responses to “Hubert’s Madrean Dirt Tourer Prototype”

  1. Ryan says:

    I dig this, a lot.

  2. Sam Scavo says:

    That’s a solid rig right there.

  3. thehill says:

    i would have thought there would be a few more pics

    • Lo says:

      this confused me too the first time I read a Radavist article… scroll up to the top of the screen and check the right of the first photo. there’s a gallery — it will disappear if your browser window is too small (in ‘tablet’ size) though

      • Tim Guarente says:

        Yep, the header photo is the gallery, which brings us to the only part of this website I don’t like: each gallery image is a separate page, so when I want to go back to the home page, I can’t just use my back button to quickly zip there. Do I have a solution? Nope, and this won’t stop me from loving the whole dang site.

        • John Watson says:

          Yeah, it’s not actually a new page, just a JScript. The # at the URL just directs the image, not a page reload. So when you load the gallery and look through it. It’s just one page impression. The reason the back button doesn’t work is because of the very JScript that allows us to load a big ass gallery every day. You can also just click the Radavist logo in the top left which will bring you to the home page.

          All of this is being addressed in the redesign. :-)

          • Tim Guarente says:

            Well TIL. I’m not super computer savvy, and assumed the new browser address meant a new page. I mostly notice that characteristic on a desktop, where I tend to navigate by keyboard more than mouse. I’m looking forward to the new design!

          • John Watson says:

            Yeah, a lot of sites do a new page refresh for every image to bolster their impression numbers for CPM advertising. It’s a pet peeve of mine to keep one gallery load as one impression. Makes it easier to load up large galleries every day too.

      • thehill says:

        WTF! – you shouldn’t have to be a web developer to work out how to read a page. the chat should be about bikes, and BTW this looks awesome! content is the buzzword – please make it easier to consume

      • Terry Dean says:

        my OH MY GOD moment on radivist came when i discovered you can click on the picture to advance through the gallery. for months i would go and click on the thumbnails on the right to see the full size pictures, which resulted in a lot of scrolling up and down the page for those articles with a ton of pictures.
        scroll to the bottom, click next picture, scroll back up to see it. scroll back down, etc etc etc

  4. Peter Hedman says:

    There is just something about a Type II that gets me all riled up… Nice execution throughout Hubert, especially digging the bent DT placement.

  5. Jacob Spencer says:

    Mmmfff those racks

  6. Brian Richard Walbergh says:

    This is Perfect.

  7. kasual says:

    that fork doe

  8. Scott Felter says:

    Yeah…this is the stuff, right here.

  9. Andy Sollfrank says:

    Really love this one! Much respect for the builder!

  10. Rick says:

    Super nice build! And the finish.. oh the finish!!

  11. Alan says:

    That’s a tough looking rig!

  12. Salim Riley says:

    Hey John, great stuff. Thank you.
    I had a question a out the menu. Is it supposed to be where you can only see the three more recent posts for a given category? Eg. Reportage -> Beautiful Bicycles

  13. Harry says:

    I think no bike has better suited the twin wizard sleeve setup

  14. debineko says:

    Love the racks and curves and blackened steel finish. Not so sure about the internal dynamo wire routing tho. Looks like it might get caught on something. Upward facing and running up the inside of the fork is oh so standard but probably still the way to go.

    • Hubert d'Autremont says:

      I definitely like inside the blade, though on this one, I am not happy with it. The loop of wire could be smaller but the bigger issue is that the thru axle head gets int he way on that side.
      It is why it is a proto type though, because lots of those little details are hard to dial in on the first go.