A Selection of Moots Employee Bikes!

With companies like Moots, it’s not the branding, or legacy, or history, or name that makes the frames, it’s the people that work there. Both literally and figuratively. One of the job perks at Moots is the incredible employee purchase program, the details of which I’ll omit here, to save them from a flood of job applications. Joking aside, the company knows that the best product research and development can come from within and pride can often result from ownership. While the workers might not own Moots, each of them is part of the process. In today’s world, that means a lot, ATMO anyway.

The first thing that really struck me as I walked the floor of the production facilities was how many amazing employee bikes there were, of all makes and builds. From full on road bikes, to fatty all-road, mountain, commuter, and bikepacking setups. While my time was limited at Moots, I did my best to grab a few of these bikes and shoot details. The one that evaded my lens was Peter’s rim brake Psychlo X, which I don’t even want to describe here because it’ll make me cry! I suppose you’ve gotta leave something to look forward to on the next trip to Steamboat Springs. That and Taco Cabo!

I hope you enjoy this gallery, as much as these employees enjoy their commutes!


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20 responses to “A Selection of Moots Employee Bikes!”

  1. John B. says:

    Love the steel fork on Thad’s commuter.

  2. Theodor Rzad says:

    Two thoughts:
    1. love the vivid anodizing, esp. the Keith Harring one!
    2. Is it me or do all the road-based graveleurs have 140mm discs? I thought Colorado had hills ;)

    • LoganVonBokel says:

      We do, but that’s why we ride Shimano.

      • Theodor Rzad says:

        Impressive; I only have experience w/ Klampers, but also have never run out of braking power w/ 160mm ICE rotors. Maybe I don’t need them?

  3. Daniel Pastrana says:

    Anyone know what the fork is on Thad’s commuter set up? Pretty sweet set up!

  4. Kyle Kelley says:

    #7 That’s so damn good! That’s Moots patch in #26 is absolutely amazing too!

  5. terriblemcnaughton says:

    Thad’s commuter gets my vote! Love the fork.

  6. Adam Wood says:

    Great set. Really interesting to see the variety.

    I tried a B17 with that much saddle-bar drop once. OUCH.

  7. mark rothschild says:

    ….MOOT Point

  8. Rusty Discbrake says:

    some damn fine looking bikes here, very nice range

  9. m hagen says:

    one day..one day

  10. Dang heck says:

    chop chop!
    BrEtT RuLeZ