2018 Grinduro: Sklar Titanium Hybrid Moments

Adam Sklar wants to shake the negative connotations with the word “hybrid.” You see, Adam likes flat bar ‘cross bikes. He likes how shreddy they are and he always jokes about how people cringe at the word “hybrid.” For Grinduro this year, he brought a titanium bike, which I’m calling the Hybrid Moments. Partially because, well, it’s a hybrid and also because he’s never heard the song by the Misfits. Millennials!

Built with SRAM cah caw Eagle XX1, Zipp wheels, and those nifty new Paul Klamper Flat Mounts. What about that fork? Shhhhh!


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  • Andrew Mc

    I was hoping to see more about this bike!

    I would love to see the geo on this as it looks like it has a long front center.

    Nice work, Adam!

    • It looks very similar to my Sklar. I dig it! I like that he altered the geo slightly – longer top tube – to accommodate the flat bars.

      • Nathan Crissman

        Does that mean you’ll be tossing a flat bar on the Manzanita?

  • Tim Guarente

    How much tire fits through that hourglass?

    • Richard

      Must deflate first!

  • kenny

    I am so on board with the Hybrid moniker. I’ve been riding my all-road/gravel/adventure or whatever the fuck you call it with flat bars and more recently jones h bars. wide rubber and flat bars for paved and dirt rides… sounds like a hybrid to me. When people ask me what kind of bike I ride from now on I am telling them a hybrid. Embrace the dorkiness!!!

  • terriblemcnaughton

    So stoked on this bike. So sad Adam’s unfamiliar with the Misfits.

  • dthio

    wow. except for they fugly drivetrain.

  • ncoffeeneur

    The Haka MX needs that fork update…

  • soon… everything will be a mtb

    • righhhhht!

      • GNARdina

        Please tell me the bar width is 138. haha

  • Bil Thorne

    He doesnt listen to Misfits? Stop posting his bikes.

    • hah!

    • Röbby Sanfranciskö

      Not knowing that song whilst being someone under 65 involved in mountain biking is blowing my mind. Don’t overhype it though, just let him hear it

    • That’s old people music right?

      • Skateajawnn

        what tire and size are those?

  • John Solomito

    I prefer the term Hemaphrobike ; )

  • Carsten

    the Enve fork with internal routing, is it a new cross fork?

    I like the design with the curved top tube and that Adam is using the Syntace X-12 system. Syntace X-12 is thought-out, especially because they are offering eccentric inserts. https://www.syntace.com/en_GB/products/liteville/accessories-spare-parts/621/x-12-tread-insert-excentric-0-5-mm?c=91

  • Rob Kristoff

    Anybody know what brand seatpost clamp that is?

  • Peter Chesworth

    A single glance and you know who the builder is. Just beautiful balanced lines.

  • Harry

    And also; thanks for reminding me about that song!

  • Skateajawnn

    what tires are those .. ?