Builder’s Camp in Bozeman: Squid’s Fuck Off Johnny SSMTB

Each year at NAHBS, a selection of builders at the show lament on how we should actually ride bikes together more, not just talk about them once a year at the show. I get it. Sitting in a convention center, under that horrible lighting, discussing how a bike rides is worlds apart from actually riding out on the trails. This year, Adam Sklar took the initiative to plan a weekend and then some of fun times in Bozeman and sent out an open invite to numerous builders. His idea was to expose people to the culture here, the town’s local builders, eats, drinks, and shops, in an event playfully dubbed the “Builder’s Camp.” Squid, Breadwinner, Retrotec, Falconer, Horse, Alliance, and Strong, along with a few other locals, all prepared for 5 days of non-stop riding and relaxing in this beautiful mountain town.

Squid Bikes: Fuck Off Johnny Single Speed Mountain Bike

Squid owners Chris Yoshio Namba and Emily Elaine Kachorek brought their newest frame platform, the Fuck Off Johnny. These hardtail mountain bikes were serendipitously named by Paul Price, owner of Paul Components when he expressed “So what’s going on with your new bike? The Screw Off Susie? Or the Fuck Off Johnny?” to which Squid replied, “you mean the Shred to Eds?” So when the time came to name their new mountain bike, they knew what to call it.

These hardtails fit a 3.0″ 27.5″ tire or a 2.2″ 29″ tire, are designed for a 120mm travel fork, use stealth dropper routing, and come in at a pricepoint of $1,400 for the frame. From there, buyers can pick up some cans of Spray.Bike and go to town, designing their own custom paint jobs. For Chris and Em, they take their painting jobs to heart, designing elaborate schemes in vibrant colors.

Chris used random scrawl from his travels to cover his frame, wheels, and bars in a green color scheme, while Em focused more on pastels. Each bike has loads of character and it was damn impressive watching them crush these steep mountain rides on single speeds.

The Fuck off Johnny frameset – including a RockShox Pike – will be in stock early August. You can make a deposit and see more details at Squid.


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  • Zian

    Do they also do custom color anodizing?

  • terriblemcnaughton

    Begins to clap slowly, builds rapidly to crescendo. Collapses once exhausted. Bikes look great y’all.

  • Justin Scoltock

    Everything Squid does gets me so stoked! Bike looks ready to shred and the paint is rad, as always.

  • I guess I could have added this to the post, but I try to keep my personal opinions on the low side when presenting bikes in a format like this. Anyway, this bike reminds me a lot of the Chameleon but it’s a nice MUSA option. Just my two cents.

    • JC

      The downtube gussets are unmistakably Ventana.

    • GNARdina

      Cool, only $1,399.98 to go :)

  • Hmmm do I really need more than one ssmtb?

    • MartinLutherLing


  • datboyPAP

    Maybe I missed the point but aside from MUSA what makes this frameset twice the price of the Chameleon or almost 3 to 4 times the price of a Honzo ST or Salsa Timberjack?

    • Chris Valente

      One is made in small batches in a shop in Sacramento. The other is made in a large scale factory overseas. Nothing wrong with either, but it is reflected in the costs. That matters more to some more than others so YMMV.

      • Might add too… the Squid supports an awesome brand and their grassroots racing and comes in bare aluminum with no branding, is light(er) – maybe? – and IMO, a better geometry.

        • Chris Valente

          Oh yeah I just figure that is a given when talking about MUSA gear. At least for me, if I am dropping twice as much money on something I could get more less comparably for cheaper, it’s because I want to support good people doing good things. Squid is defintely that.

  • Flavio San

    are those frames painted with

    • Yes they are. :-)

      • Flavio San

        Thanks John, i’m really curious about those cans, never seen a painted frame with my own eyes, especially a MTB where dust, mud and rocks requires a dent resistant coat.

        • They look surprisingly good! I painted my rock sliders on my truck with Spray.Bike. :-)

  • Mark McGrath

    These are so cool! Regarding the MUSA question – according to the site the price gets you a frame and Pike fork – correct? If so, that isn’t bad at all for a MUSA product in my opinion.