Wolf Tooth’s B-RAD Pump and Other Stuff Bag Jun 18, 2018

Wolf Tooth has grown their B-RAD lineup to include these Pump Bags, ready to carry whatever you can cram into them. Perhaps even a Sin Dawg from the looks of it? I’ve been using a similar, yet a lot smaller bag for some time now, carrying the Silca pocket pump, or a Dynaplug with a Co2. If you’ve got bottle bosses to spare, these nifty bags can put them to use. My personal favorite is the underside of the downtube, particularly on a touring bike or hardtail, for when you don’t need three full bottles. See more at Wolf Tooth!

  • Drew Carlson

    Can’t get enough of all the Sin Dawg references! Haha

  • GNARdina

    That cage/ bidon match-up is my new favorite color combo.

  • stateofnonreturn

    Is the velcro long enough to go around beefy carbon downtube (mtb)?

    • I am not sure.

      • Wolf Tooth

        The straps are 9″ long so with 1.5″ of overlap for secure closure they will comfortably handle tubing up to 7.5″ in circumference. It fits around most carbon mtb downtubes I’ve tried but there are definitely bikes with massive downtubes (like some carbon fat bikes) that are too large to work with the stock straps.

  • Deancycle

    What bottle is that? Lost my OG radavist one on a ride :'(

    • QBP

      It’s a Twin Six bottle, but we just checked and they don’t have it on their site anymore.

  • Fredrik Baker

    Who makes that bottle cage?