Introducing the Made in Portland Parsec Bicycles All Road

Jumping back in time a bit to the Chris King Swarm event in Bend, I was able to document a new brand’s all-road offering.

Parsec Bicycles is a new brand out of Portland, Oregon, offering up these beautiful all-road bikes, designed for everything from races like the Lost and Found, to bikepacking, road riding and beyond. As the name implies, the flashy space-age bikes look like something from a Star Wars movie – ATMO – with a vibrant metallic paint job and elegant bends.

The man behind the brand is Erik Fenner from Chris King. He’s designing these bikes, while Oscar from Simple Bicycle Co. is building them from a mix of Columbus tubing and ex-Cielo painter Steven Smith is painting them. The rough plan is to have the bikes launch on Kickstarter soon, with a $5,000 complete price tag as shown, minus the Andrew the Maker bags, which, I’m sure he’d be willing to make you a set for your Kickstarter bike once you receive it.

This bike is one of those examples of a machine where photos do not do it justice, although I tried my hardest to capture just how beautiful it is.

See more at Parsec Bicycles.


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  • nothingfuture

    That’s a damn fine looking bike.

    And on the inside of the seatstays and chainstays- are those rub guards? If so, genius. If not, excellent esthetics.

    • They sure are. The plates and bridges are stainless and left raw so you don’t have to worry about pint when some peanut butter mud shows up. Also, I think they look great!

      Still deciding if they should be blasted (as shown) or more of a brushed finish.

      • nothingfuture

        Hell yes.
        I mean, if I’m getting a vote? I’d say brushed, myself. But they do look good as-is, so it’s pretty much win-win as far as I’m concerned.
        Nice work!

      • Aaron Ruby

        Blasted, here…

        • I think I’ll have to brush one to see how it looks and put it to a vote on Instagram. :)

          • If it’s coming with the CK stuff as pictured, it’d be nice to have it match or be close.

          • Good point. I did choose the Slate parts because it matched the raw stainless, and because it’s my favorite King color and finish (currently).

  • Louis Reilly

    Those ATM bags are looking sweet!

    • Yep!

    • The finish is so far beyond what I expected. Andrew is a pro. These bags are unmatched!

      • Nicholas Tingey

        I love that liteskin fabric. I’ve made a few bags with it & its probably my favorite fabric to work with.


    What model Thomson bars are those? Beauty of a bike?

  • Dan

    Are there braze ons on the underside of the toptube to attach the bag?

  • Matt Meko

    That seatstay bend matching the TT angle is just very very cool. Whole thing is straight up beautiful

    • Thanks! It’s been a lot of fun to sculpt the lines of this bike.

  • Aaron Best

    Wonder when this thing will take on the Kessel Run…

    • Definitely going to be the name of our group ride, we just have to avoid the Maw.

  • Rudi Van Desarzio

    Look’s wises its like 1/2 pinarello, 1/2 schwinn cruiser. Being a fan of both, I like it.

  • Billy Arlew

    So many thoughtful details! I love how the downtube cable guides line up with the mounts for the 3rd bottle. Do the shift/brake cables enter the chainstays behind the BB (shot #25)?