Dirtbags Bikepacking Four Deep Downtube Bag Jun 7, 2018

When you’re touring or bikepacking, you’ll find yourself over-stuffing your bags to fit it all on your bike. That’s when bags like these Dirtbags Four Deep Downtube Bags come in handy. Fit tent poles, hoagies, Sin Dawgs, or other touring essentials into these nifty bags. From the looks of things, they’re working on a similar bag, being tested on the Tour Divide right now.

Head over to Dirtbags to check out their product line.

  • Andy-bmore

    What keeps this from swinging side to side? I love the idea of having storage space in this area, but it does seem like there’s a reason that other bags tend to try to create triangles with their attachment points.

    • I thought the same, but with cables running on the downtube and the fact that my bags with similar straps won’t rotate ( I disconnected the head tube and seat tube straps and tried) – I’d say these will stay pretty solid, especially if you have OS tubes.

      • Harrison Shotzbarger

        and likely high grip plastic on the parts that contact the frame. RP made a small rolltop downtube bag, but mounting felt excessive. the material was really good non slip stuff though.

  • Drew Carlson

    Sin Dawgs!!!