Widefoot’s LiterCage Helps You Carry A Lotta Water May 10, 2018

When you need all the water you can haul, products like the Widefoot LiterCage really come in handy. These steel bottle cages utilize the same mounting hole pattern as an “Anything” mount or traditional bottle cage boss spacing and are designed to carry larger bottles like Nalgene’s products in a unique 5-hole bolt pattern. Their sturdy construction (each cage weighs 168g) will hold a bottle in place inside the front triangle of your bike, while fork-mounted, or a third location like under your downtube greatly benefits from the use of a Voile ski strap, especially when using the 1.5 liter Nalgene bottles, especially when the going gets rough.

I’ve been using Nalgene bottles of various sizes with the LiterCage, mostly in the desert over the past few months, but have migrated this platform onto my bikes when bigger day rides require maximum water carrying capacity. For me, it’s nice having the bulk of the water weight as low as possible on the bike and off my back, where I usually carry my camera. Transferring the weight to under the downtube, or on the fork blades makes for a more stable riding experience.

The LiterCage is made in Nebraska, comes in two finishes; silver and black, and are in stock now at Widefoot Design, as well as select retailers. If you want your shop to carry Widefoot, ask them politely!

  • rocketman

    great product, been using mine for over a year and very happy with them.

  • YaanG

    Anyone know how much one of these weighs?

  • Raymond Walker

    Aside from the “made in the US” thing, I’ve been happy with the added security of the design of the VO Mojave cage… (been rocking a Nalgene in the VO under the downtube without a strap for years. Regardless, both of these have the added bonus of the 5-mount design though… https://velo-orange.com/products/mojave-cage

    • rocketman

      were you using the 48 oz bottles without straps?

  • RB

    Does anyone know what the handlebar bag is in the top photo?

  • Nicholas Tingey

    I still prefer the flexibility a looney bin offers. Being able to run regular bottles up to a 40oz hydroflask securely is super nice.

  • Cecihayduke

    Added bonus – The large Smartwater bottles fit perfectly. I use a Voile to keep them in but I don’t think they move.

  • D.A. Joseph

    The bike in the last two pictures is very pretty. Is there any more info on this particular build?