Rapha Enters the Saddle Market With Various Widths May 15, 2018

Made by Selle Italia in Italy and designed from scratch by Rapha over the past two years, these new saddles offer the stylings of classic and pro team Rapha apparel, on one of the most essential parts of your bicycle. These saddles are vailable in various widths, with or without cut-outs, are easy to fit your tush with their saddle width calculator, and are in stock now at Rapha.

  • sam K

    $395? Seems like a totally reasonable, not insane amount of money

    • It looks great, is made in Italy and is Rapha. I guess at this point, it’s to be expected. Is it for everyone? Nah. Will people buy it? Sure. Would I spend that? No way but the fact that it exists is notable and commendable.

      • Fasar

        Agree on the whole comment.

  • Oh, people will definitely buy it. Count on that.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Impressive they were able to get the Pro Team within the ALM’s weight without going full-minimalist. The range looks fantastic – some really nice design details throughout. Too rich for my blood, but will be the perfect compliment to certain steeds.

  • Julien

    made by fizik ? (who made carbon Brooks)

    • Charlie D

      Selle Italia

  • why would i buy this when, for less money, the wtb volt is also a saddle.

    why buy a paul stem when kalloy is also stem for less money.

    why buy a bike when crosswords puzzles are less money and also more readily available.

    why buy anything.

    why exist.

    • Chris Valente

      Honestly Kalloy Johnson is a heck of a fella.

  • spencer harding

    id put my butt on one

  • DopePedaler

    will they have this at my local walmart