Win a Firefly Frame at D2R2’s Raffle


Win a Firefly Frame at D2R2’s Raffle

For three years now Firefly Bicycles has worked with the Boston-area’s D2R2 ride and this year, they’re putting up a frame plus an ENVE fork to raffle…

“Firefly Bicycles is thrilled to donate a custom Titanium All-Road frameset to the D2R2 raffle. D2R2 is an unmatched ride that combines some of the best riding in the country with great organization, delicious food, drink, and a reunion of friends from all over coming together for the love of bikes and to help preserve the land on which we are so lucky have the pleasure to ride. It is our honor to partner with this extraordinary event for the third year in a row.”

See more at D2R2.