Check Out Bell Lap by Laura Winberry, a Poetry Book About ‘Cross Racing Apr 9, 2018

Racing. It’s not just a hobby, for many it’s a way of life. It dictates one’s sleep schedule, diet, and just about every other facet of life, at the same time directly influencing them in both positive and negative ways. Author Laura Winberry has found catharsis from the stresses of racing in the form of poetry.

Over the years, Laura took her experiences and turned them into beautiful stanzas, verses and rhythms, which in a lot of ways expose the rigors of racing, while subverting the physical activity into something poetic, beautiful and powerful. Because racing is life, Laura’s own struggles and victories have seeped into these wells of lyrical prose, resulting in an entertaining, yet intimate look at what it means to give it your all on the bike.

You can pre-order this magnificent collection of poems right now at Indolent Books and if you’re curious to read more of Laura’s writings, don’t miss her Reportage from this year’s ‘Cross Nats in Reno!

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  • Jack Chevell

    Hey there The Radavist, this is amazing! May I share a link to this page on my cross site, Cyclocross Handbook? CXH.

    • I can’t speak for him/them, but… I’d love that!