Reuben Wu Shares his Process for Lux Noctis Mar 10, 2018

Lux Noctis is a photo series by photographer and director Reuben Wu. He documents some of the Southwest’s most outstanding geological formations by using drones to light these alien forms and shooting them with a 100-megapixel Phase One system. Reuben’s Instagram is one of my favorites and seeing his process, step by step is enlightening. As someone who loves geology and photography, I had to share this with you.

  • Kurt Schneider

    Interesting that he describes his setup as pretty basic, it’s just a camera and flying light after all…but the camera and drone are hardly, “entry level”. Really nice results.

    • Yes, but you could achieve the same results with less expensive options. He’s only using the 100mp camera to print these images at a larger than normal scale. I’ve painted long exposures with “ditch lights” from my truck and flashlights. If I cared to spend time post-processing – typically spend 10-20 seconds per photo – I could have pushed the light to achieve similar results. They wouldn’t be as mind-blowing, but since I post stuff like that on IG only, not many people would be able to tell.

      • Kurt Schneider

        My old 70D reminded me that’s not nearly ready for retirement. (Clear skies in southern Idaho for the next few days, so I’m off to desert for a little star gazing.) Keep up your good work, John.

  • Matt O’Donnell

    A friend of mine is using the same lighting method, but to capture drone videography. So two drones up in the air at once to create these images.