Graeme Obree Takes to the Wind Tunnel to Test His Riding Positions Mar 10, 2018

A living legend heads to the wind tunnel to test out his UCI-banned riding positions from the early days of his career.

  • nothingfuture

    Hell yes.

    I remember, as a outcast bike rider in high school, reading about Graeme helped me feel ok about being a weirdo in a weirdo sport.

  • Andrew Demack

    Hell yes BOTH

  • Roger Dudek

    Personal hero of mine. That made my day. Too bad there’s no one like him in the sport anymore.

    • Roger Dudek

      They should call this short film “THEY COME IN GANGS.”

      • Patrick Murphy

        Right!? great cycling witticism.

  • Adam Clement

    A superhero in his day and my admiration for the man has only grown year after year.

  • Olly Roberts

    Fuck the UCI. Seriously, they’ve done nothing but hinder cycling.

  • osm

    “Air molecules, they come in gangs.” :)