2018 NAHBS: Copper on Copper Northern Frameworks Hardtail Single Speed MTB

I say this a lot at NAHBS, but when I saw this big and beautiful Northern Frameworks single speed MTB in their booth, I exclaimed “HOT DAMN!” This bike is for a tall rider and I love seeing how builders balance the proportions of large bikes with modern MTB geometry. The client spec’d all brown anodized PAUL and White Industries, to complement the rich, copper paint.

  • barry mcwilliams

    So many bottle mounts! Awesome.

    • I wish I could fit three bottles in my front triangles like that!

  • Ryanisinallofus

    It’s probably the size but this is the one I would wants to take home

  • Max G.

    This is a bit of a unique bike, given the size and SS set up. But… what a beautiful bike it is. Really nice work.

  • Tim Guarente

    …Is that a… 29er?

    • 29+ I’ve got really long legs.

      • Will

        Long legs and short torso? I’ve also got a very large (I’m 6’5″) 29+ bike, but it looks considerably longer than yours. HTA looks fairly steep as well. Either way, it’s funny that 29+ wheels on a giant frame look perfectly normal.

        • Short torso. Yep trials FW, I prefer the more positive engagement.

        • I think Jarrod’s inseam is 38″. Mine is 36″.

      • Tyres?

        • They’re Teravail’s Cumberland on the rear, and Kennebec up front. Sidewall says 29×2.6 but measure larger than 2.8”. The bike will also clear Maxxis 3” tires.

  • Harry

    Fave Nahbs bike so far.

  • dan scheie

    It’s hard to get a sense of how big this bike is without seeing it in person, and its going to a great home! Can’t wait to see it in action!

  • S I C K

  • R.P. Treb

    Pure art.