2017 Philly Bike Expo: Peacock Groove Track Bike – Jarrod Bunk

2017 Philly Bike Expo: Peacock Groove Track Bike
Words and photos by Jarrod Bunk

Going into Philly Bike Expo I was looking forward to seeing what Eric Noren of Peacock Groove brought, especially since he brought the peoples choice bike last year. This S&S Coupled track bike, was on display having just been ridden to a second place at Madison Nationals by Tiana Johnson, did not let me down!

This bike featured a HED Jet 9 wheelset, one of Noren’s own Peacock Groove headsets and some of the wildest splatter paint, all finished off with Peacock Groove’s signature dropouts. There’s one thing for sure, the Liberace of bike builders didn’t let me down this year.


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  • Holy SHIT!

  • Thomas Gehrig

    why the couplers? easier to travel?

    • Yep. S&S couplers and a frame this size will make transport easy. Plus, S&S make the bike stiffer… as a side note, in case people are concerned about that.

  • RX178

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Bil Thorne

    Why is it so small tho

    • Seriously? It’s a custom frame, designed to fit the racer perfectly. People come in different sizes, you know. Pointing out that it’s a small frame is like pointing out a pair of pants are small. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Bil Thorne

        No, not seriously.

    • AdamBike99

      “Do these pants make my bike look small?”


  • Nice bike, Tiana. Good job.

    • Erik Noren

      Cough cough cough …lol.

      • You getting sick, sunshine? I can make you some real nice tea if you want.

        • Tiana Johnson


      • Erik, you continue to amaze and impress. This shit is W I L D!

  • Eric Hancock

    This is amazing. Love being surprised like this.

    • Eric Hancock

      ….also, she rode clinchers at nationals? Interesting.

      • Sbram123

        Clinchers are profoundly faster in the wind tunnel. It’s an easy choice given her employment at a wheel company.

        • Eric Hancock

          Profound means “very great or intense;” I think you’re overstating the benefit a bit. The aero benefits come from well-matched tire and rim sizes more than the construction (e.g. a 28mm clincher isn’t going to be terribly aero on a 16mm rim).

          Hed also makes some pretty nice tubulars.

          • I travel with a coupled bike all the time and I wouldn’t want to fly with tubbies. I barely want to fly tubeless on the off chance my tire gets unseated and there’s no easily accessible gas station or CO2 cartridges where I’m getting too.

          • Sam B

            I would go take a look at the drag charts that we have listed on our site. They are all run at 20mph at the LSWT in San Diego. The wheels aren’t even close.

  • Sarkis

    Wow! So good on a gloomy winters day. An antidepressant in the shape of a bicycle!

  • Nicholas Petersen

    That top tube protector hack is genius and looks great.

  • Phomma

    But can it barspin? Asking for a friend

  • I love coupled bikes, but I would never ever put a sick paint job like that in the hands of a baggage handlers. I don’t care how much velcro padded sheets you’ve got in there.