Road Cycling in New Zealand Oct 5, 2017

Most people wouldn’t consider road cycling as “adventurous” yet this one man rode the entire length of New Zealand in the middle of winter. That’s 2,336km over 13 days through rain, hail, snow, ice and New Zealand’s stunning scenery. Also, check out this ride’s charity, CanTeen.

  • Alex Steadman

    Similar name but this version is a little different:

  • Ashley Gardner

    awesome place to ride but I’m a little biased…..

  • Peter Chesworth

    Enzed…to ride across it is a massive achievement as the roads never go in a straight line and there is a lot of diagonal. Not a criticism – a brilliant country with new scenery round every corner. My own stamping ground in Oz can be unchanging for hours – which has its charms too.