Deane Parker‘s newest bikepacking film brings you along for a ride on the stunning Kōpiko Aotearoa, a 1,100-kilometer route across New Zealand’s North Island. See the wonderful sights, meet the locals, and share in the physical and mental challenges of this bikepacking adventure.

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Crater Rim Circuit: A Montage

Join Deane and Rose on an overnight bikepacking trip. Starting from the heart of Christchurch around the extinct volcano of Lyttleton Harbour on Banks Peninsula. Starting with a chairlift from Christchurch Adventure Park and finishing with some of the parks groomed singletrack.


Inclement Tripping On the Old Ghost Road

Deane Parker shared his latest video, from New Zealand’s Old Ghost Road:

“We got slapped by Mother Nature above the bush line and dragged our butts like popsicles into Ghost Lake hut as the full ferocity of a storm hit. This scuttled a chance to do the full out and back but we still ended up with riding 104km of the gnarliest sections twice! The few who had booked for this mid week period must of canned due to the forecast. We essentially had the trail to ourselves except for the toiling of the Old Ghost Road trail crews. An unforgettable way to celebrate 48 times around the sun w a couple of super mates…”


The Doubtful Hope Route

Two friends take off on an early winter impulsive 3-day backcountry touring trip on the Amuri and Hope passes, with hopes to link the two into a maybe un-ridden loop. Many river crossings and a high hike to bike ratio meant for Type 2 fun all the way.


Mākū – New Zealand Gravel Bike Film

In November 2019 Damian Stones and Mike Anderson set off to the Marlborough Sounds across the top of the South Island in New Zealand in search of challenging trails on their gravel bikes. The weather forecast was less than ideal but due to time restrictions they decided to commit to this journey with the idea that, ‘surely, it can’t be that bad.’ This film was aptly named Mākū due to the adverse weather these riders faced during this 4-day adventure.


Forgotten Highways

‘Forgotten Highways’ is a film of documenting self-supported travel bike bicycle and cultural discovery set in the Whanganui District of New Zealand.  The film is a journey through a challenging landscape following the historical trails to and from one of NZ’s most significant rivers (or Awa).


Building the Pike 29 Track

The Pike 29 Memorial Track was built as a living memorial to the men who died in the 2010 Pike mining disaster. Watch what it takes to build a $12,000,000 trail in New Zealand.


The High Line: Purgatory For Recreation, in the Craigieburn Range

Deane Parker sent over his latest video, showcasing some epic terrain in the familiar, yet foreign landscape of New Zealand.

The Craigieburn Forest Park has many trails, follow 3 friends over the highest line in the park, and around a circuit in the heart of the Craigieburn Range. This is backcountry bikepacking to the extreme.


Ride What Ya Brung

Deane Parker recently took on a 250km bikepacking trip in the Canterbury high country of New Zealand and has a nice video short showcasing the tour.