Breadwinner Cycles: Limited Edition G-Road Frameset with an Igleheart Fork Oct 5, 2017

Listen up, if you’re in the market for a US-made “all road” or “g-road” bike, tune into this post right now. Breadwinner Cycles have been working hard on a limited edition frameset, along with Chris Igleheart. These framesets have a classic, segmented, Igleheart fork. Chris Igleheart arguably created the segmented fork, so this is a chance to own a piece of classic cycling design, with the modern performance of a Breadwinner. These bikes are sold as a complete only and start at $6395 as shown. As with every Breadwinner, you can add as many custom options as you’d like. Simply head to Breadwinner to see more information.

  • Kevin Jeffery

    This bike is so awesome, but I am a little put-off by the complete-only aspect. Part of the fun of buying a unique frame is being able to build up a truly unique bike. Maybe I’m odd, but starting with a bare frame and building it up myself is part of the fun!

    • I’d say if you’re truly interested, email Breadwinner and maybe they can work something out?

      • Kevin

        Yeah, it’s always worth shooting them an email. They’re the best dudes. I think they love building completes because they can control your whole experience (make sure your brakes are dialed, etc etc etc), but they totally get the desire to put it together yourself. I’ve done that twice with them…once just a frame, and once a complete bike + kit, but unassembled so I could have the fun :)

  • auton0my

    Fantastic-looking bike, but holy shit that starting price

    • I dunno, add it all up. The build isn’t exactly skimping on components. Most high-end “all road” bikes come in around that. Looking at the top 3 big brands’ offerings.

      • Chris Valente

        Hand made fork, wet paint, custom geo… It’s a lot of money for sure don’t get me wrong, but it could also be the last bike you ever buy (not likely knowing bike people but still…)

        • bicyclecrumbs

          Yeah, the pricing on this is pretty darn good.

          • Alex

            It’s pretty stellar, that forks gives me feelings.

        • even at $2895 frameset (their b-road is $2595) with a $1k paint job (which is isnt) that leaves $2.5k…for a CX1 group, bar/stem/post, tires, and a king based wheelset…yea i dunno…

          • Chris Valente

            I agree on the production sizing, that’s what I did with my Wraith cross bike. But even after a $1500 frame with a generic fork, CX1, reasonably nice parts and a decent wheel set i was close to $4k in. And the finish on that one sucked. Based on that, $6k for a custom geo complete doesn’t seem out of line. The 333Fab bike posted a couple months ago was over $5k I think, and those were stock geometry. At the end of the day, for me at least, getting something like this is as much about about supporting good people doing good things locally, as it is about buying a bike. I don’t think Ira and Tony (or any frame builder for that matter) are getting rich doing what they do. These guys would be at the top of my list if I had that kind of coin to drop.

          • Yea I guess it does add up, sometimes I forget how insane MSRP is haha (I buy most of my parts 2nd-hand). Just to be clear, in no way am I trying to suggest Ira/Tony are trying to gouge anyone on this bike, I know how tough it is to make a buck in their industry and I hope they sell a bunch of these…I just think they might have sold more if they at least offered a frameset only option as well.

          • Chris Valente

            Oh for sure man all good. I think more than anything it shocks people to see how many man hours go into custom fabrication. I remember watching that Vanilla shop tour video John posted recently and seeing everything that goes into the minutiae of these things. It kind of blew my mind.

          • having built 10 frames myself with nothing more than hand tools…i know all too well exactly how many man hours goes into a custom frame haha, and i have the utmost respect and admiration for those who do it professionally.

          • Chris Valente

            Ha well there you go! It was a real eye opener for me for sure. Ok off to build some more dream bikes on Breadwinners website.

        • Kevin

          As the owner of a B-Road, I can confirm it’s the last bike I’ll ever buy. I originally intended it to just be my commuter but I didn’t touch the carbon whip for two years after getting the B Road, it’s so delightful to ride

    • Hollis Duncan

      Breadwinner. noun a person who earns money to support a family.

  • Peter Hedman

    1 1/8″ FTW.

  • Hollis Duncan

    If that fork were on the Sopranos it would be Toni getting a birthday BJ from Carmela.