Tom’s Super Shreddy Stinner One-Off 26+ Hardtail – Kyle Kelley

Tom’s Super Shreddy Stinner One-Off 26+ Hardtail
Photos by Kyle Kelley, words by John Watson

Working at Stinner Frameworks for the past few months, and other builders over the past few years, Tom LaMarche has learned a lot about frame fabrication. Riding BMX and MTBs for a majority of his life taught him about frame design. Tom’s a ripper. An ex-Hollywood movie professional stuntman and overall ripper. When he picked up a job at Stinner, he really wanted to build a new MTB for himself to shred on trails, random jibs and also rip on at bike parks. Not being a fan of 27.5 or 29+ platforms, he decided on a 26+ frameset with slack angles and a lot of standover clearance.

This frame is a one-off, labeled a Stinner because it happened under Aaron’s roof, with Aaron’s tools, but this bike is Tom’s brainchild that he built on his own. Bikes like this look mean, like they have their own agenda and I can’t wait to see more of that…


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  • nothingfuture

    Oh my yes.
    There’s nothing about this I don’t like. I’d be running those tires in a second if my rims were wide enough. Hell, I might be tempted to run them anyway. But everything here is as I’d like it.

  • Tom LaMarche was a staple of the Prolly days! Happy to see he can still tuck a bunnyhop like it’s 2010.

  • ND

    Serious question… why the WTB rear tire and the Surly front? Love this bike!

    • Probably prefers the grip of the front tire and the tighter tread of the rear.

    • John May

      Business in the back, party in the front?

    • joshhh

      Just a guess, but probably since the Ranger is lighter and “faster” than the super grippy, relatively heavy and aggressive Dirt Wizard.

  • DopePedaler

    What pedals are those?

  • joshhh

    I’m personally jealous of his now-discontinued silver Spank pedals!

  • ND
    • Hell yeah, the good ol days.

      • Ben Callaway

        Is that Tony too?

    • MGL

      “mishka f.a.r.t. get pooted”-dee

    • YoungG

      When the going gets tough the tough grow fu manchus.

  • rjkl

    Still my favorite FGFS rider. Bet he could drop a part tomorrow and still blow the current crop out of the water.

  • mr. apodaca APODACA

    fuckin rad

  • robmcnamee

    Delco hero

  • Steve C

    you see, this is exactly the kind of bike that belongs at my home in NW England – and its a 26″, and its a hardtail and, and, and…….tilt!

  • Sebastian Burnell

    We`ve come a long way: 200 years ago almost to the day (12.06.1817!!!) Karl Freiherr von Drais presented the “Urversion” of the bike. Let`s celebrate this most human and liberal of all inventions.

    • Smithhammer

      Can we get a close up on the hub spacing? It’s looks like Boost, but I can’t quite tell…

  • adventureroadbiker

    Such a rad bike. I really don’t understand why 26+ didn’t take off.

    • Evan Baird

      Marketing. Nobody wants to compete directly against Surly.

  • Charles Southgate

    Tom LaMarche. The only person that ever made FGFS look cool. ATMO

  • Kelly Jorgensen


  • Haven Outdoor Goods

    Love this bike. I have a good time on my Commencal Meta AM hardtail, but would love if it had at least a 142 x 12 rear end and was steel instead of aluminum.

  • Praveen Prabhakaran

    Beautiful bike ! 20 sicks !!


    This bike just looks like a hell of a lot of fun! Thanks RDVST!!!!

  • Dexter

    26 ain’t dead!

  • Jeremy H

    I want to play on this.

  • Noel Smith


  • Billy Arlew

    This bike looks so shreddy! It seems like a really dialed version of the surly instigator. Is there any way to post the geometry specs of a custom bike like this, so we can see how it compares to similar production bikes? I always wonder how they stack up..

  • MartinLutherLing

    Man, that looks like a blast to ride, even with it just standing still, in the pics!

    I just built up a Stinner Tunnel, I love it.

  • BadKnee

    No mention of his FGFS days? Guess its a skeleton in the closet. Any word on the front center or reach of this bike?

    • No skeletons here. I figured people that knew Tom from those days would appreciate the tie-in, while those that don’t would appreciate the bike.

      • BadKnee

        Makes sense, didn’t think that through enough. Any idea of what the HTA, FC and reach are on this thing? Looks like some of the geo coming out of the hardcore enduro communities.

  • MGL