Butterfly Wing Bishop Track May 30, 2017

Photos by A. Danger on Flickr

We’ve already seen photos of Nichole’s Columbus Gilco track bike, but a reader forwarded me a link to more photos and I had to share. The details, colors, and environment really make this bike pop and shows Chris’ craftsmanship in a new light. Enjoy more below and see the whole set at Flickr.

  • That bike will always be a superstar. Great pics Amy!

  • Ryan

    It’s almost too good. I appreciate it even more up close, because from afar it looks like a totally different method. Crazy impressive.

  • nothingfuture

    I have always loved those lugs.

    • Johan Räihä

      I like them too. So much I ebayed a frame with them by mistake a few years back. What are they though? This is the first time I’ve seen them except on my frame.

  • Charles Nighbor

    The rear brake bridge needs a redesign
    Too massive
    Great frame

  • What a beautiful build.