2017 NAHBS: Vlad Cycles Dirt Tourer with Andrew the Maker Bags

NAHBS isn’t just about the builders. It’s also about makers. People who produce bags, hubs, headsets, saddles and other components or accessories. For Vlad Cycles and Andrew the Maker, this year’s event became the perfect venue to display ATM’s newest bags, including a zipper closure porteur rack bag, saddle bag and his Many Things sacks, all on Andrew’s own dirt touring bike.

Because it’s NAHBS, Andrew reached out to Carson Leh to make bartape and a custom saddle to top off this loud, but beautiful rig.

  • PGH_small_adventures

    Those bags!

  • Nothing drab about this!

  • This is pure win, from every angle. So much love for this. ❤️

  • FireUrEngine

    Gorgeous build

  • breed007

    I did a group ride with this bike along with a few other bikes that have been featured on this site. And this is the one I kept glancing over at like “Hey, girl…” Stunner.

    • bicyclecrumbs

      Hey I was on that ride too, but I was like, “Hey, dude can you hold dis open tub of pico de gallo, I don’t have frame bags” and Andrew was like “ok dump it in here (pointing to his lower left many things sack).” so I did. Fun fact number two from this ride, Initially all the bags and the bike were white, but my pico de gallo slopped and splashed around so much Andrew decided on new colors.

      • breed007

        Yep, that was your funeral procession. That was a great ride with a lot of really nice bikes!

        • bicyclecrumbs

          Now I only ride bikes indoors and connected to my computer phone as the lord intended!

          • breed007

            Strava says you’re in London.

        • harsh!

  • Don Gouda

    Thats one classy saddle

  • if there’s a bike you use for glamping, this is it!

  • Locke Hassett

    This is just obscene it’s so purttty

  • Vlad Dolinsky

    This project was such a great adventure.

  • Kevin Hodgson

    Is that a carradice saddle bag support frame, or something custom made by ATM?

  • Kawika Samson

    So good!

  • Andrewthemaker

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures John! This was a super fun project that came together at the last minute. Time to finally go out some miles on it!


    Someone knows how to tape handlebars! Slick Rig right there.


    Slick Rig right there.

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