2017 NAHBS: Mosaic Fendered Road with Dura Ace

For 2017, Mosaic has launched a new paint program with multiple tiers of finish offerings. Customers can now choose between 30 colors and 6 layouts, making their bike unique. The paint is executed by the newly-acquired Spectrum, which Mosaic owner Aaron Barcheck purchased last year. While the Spectrum label is under Aaron’s control, it is still a separate entity from Mosaic.

This year at NAHBS, Aaron brought his fendered road bike with Dura Ace Di2. By utilizing ENVE’s GRD fork and fender attachment, this bike will be good on the Colorado roads throughout the spring.

  • Nate-o

    turn the lights on in there!

    • I’m using HSS lights, it dims the background – like I’ve been doing for the past three years at NAHBS. :-)

      • Nate-o

        You’re right. I remember them seeming dark before too ?

  • Nicholas Tingey

    Seat post, stem, pump, and fenders. I love matchy matchy bikes like this. Keep em coming!

  • Søren Nejmann

    This is the most rad winter bike of all time!

    • Riemanello

      Wish we all had Dura-Ace on our winter bikes :-P

  • AJ Tendick

    Is there not a more custom way to mount the electronic controls that are on the underside of the stem? The band around the stem stands out on a bike this trick. Real question, not bashing, I’m not familiar with that piece and what options there could be.

    • Some people hide the controls in the stem. It’s super clean.

    • David

      My Moth Attack has di2 w/ a Thomson stem. My dad has a machine shop so he tapped it on the bottom at the midpoint right on the radius and drilled a small hole. We then put a screw threw the bottom of the junction box mount (its actually a small tray, a separate piece) and threadlocked it in. I sent it off to Rudi at Black Magic to paint to match. Looks great and so clean! No band.

  • FireUrEngine

    That color scheme is a killer and glam!

  • mr. apodaca APODACA


  • Ethan

    What would a build like that retail for John?

  • Peter P

    Great looking bike!

  • Hansel

    What rear fender is that?