2017 NAHBS: Igleheart Disc Road with Gevenalle and Hifi

The work of Chris Igleheart is some of my favorite and every year at NAHBS, I try to seek out one of his bikes to document it. This year, my quest took me to the Gevenalle and Hifi booth, where this beaut was waiting for me.

Built custom for the owner of Gevenalle, this bike features the Ritchey Breakaway system and one of those prototype White Industry headsets, as well as Hifi Wheels, Gevenalle shifters and a Burd rear mech.

  • Nealipo

    I heart Igleheart.

  • Adam Clement

    John! Thank you so much for rolling this off to photograph. Christopher Igleheart really is a one of the true gems of our industry and I am thrilled to see his frames get coverage. We went with the British Racing green and yellow Lotus Race Team stripe as Christopher is a keen historian of those race times and has an old Austin race car hidden away somewhere. He has painted a couple of his persona l bikes in the scheme and so I wanted to paint the bike in a fitting style. Hifi were super gracious to add some finishing touches to the wheels to make them just that bit more custom. Brooks saddle and tape used to keep with the Brit heritage. Thanks to FSA also for providing a pre-production crankset (if you look closely it is marked ‘NOT TO BE RIDDEN’) for the build. Very happy FSA are making 32/48 and 30/46 sets now – super nice for all round road/gravel. Massive thx for Black Magic Paint for the paint knocking this one out at the 11th hour and of course TRP for the fork and hydraulics! Have not ridden it yet but also excited to see how those Challenge Strada Bianca’s roll. If they are as good as I hear they will likely be all I ever need roll with this bike!

    • recurrecur

      I can’t count the ways I love this bike. Breakaway + Gevenalle + Sub-Compact Crank + Steel + Discs.
      Dare you ride those FSA cranks with that warning? Are they available to the average person?

      • Adam Clement

        Nope did not ride them, they were kindly on loan until production stock arrives. They do look identical to what will be stocked. Can’t wait!!!

  • FireUrEngine

    Nice details

  • I wonder what people’s thoughts and opinions are on ritchey breakaway vs s&s couplers. Every time I see a breakaway bike I get so jealous of it.

    • Adam Clement

      James, Ritchey’s Break Away is well proven and was my preference due to simple elegance and minimal added weight. Really what sold me though was Igleheart’s history of building numerous frames with this of the two systems. Both great as they both free you to fly!

  • Jon B.

    the stuff dreams are made of.

  • redhead322

    Looks great!
    And those FSA cranks look good! Finally all black (instead of the cnc’d black/silver chainrings they usually have). And the unique tooth options are interesting… I like my 50/34 and 11-32 even on steep inclines but maybe a 30/46 would be nice on steep ramps at high elevations… or when riding a bike loaded with bags. I’d rather spin than walk.

  • Moody

    Love the way that gold chain pops. Strada Bianca seems to be the “it” tire.. or maybe I just really subliminally want them. Such a well classy build.

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  • Jonathan McCurdy

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